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Pre-premier. Performance „Stone-Face-Book“ / Palle Granhoj (DK), Mikolaj Karczewski (PL) / Granhoj Dans (Denmark)

A performance by choreographer Palle Granhøj created in close cooperation and in material made by the performer Mikolaj Karczewski.
Supported by Danish Arts Council

SA performance about A MAN - and his affiliation with stones...


Location: Klaipėda Castle Area (Priešpilio str. 2)
Duration: 40 min.
Free entrance


Granhøj Dans is an internationally acknowledged dance company based in Denmark. The productions of Granhøj Dans are created by the company's artistic director and choreographer Palle Granhøj, in close co-operation with the dancers. The starting point of every production is the Obstruction Technique developed by P. Granhøj, and which has made possible the creation of about 36 original works in the last 30 years. Based on the above-named working method, the choreographer reshapes the movements of the performers by means of hindering actions, revealing inner layers of their personality in the process, thus turning the spotlight on human condition. Rather than showing dancers and choreographies on stage, P. Granhøj wants to present men and women as they are: genuine, alive - and complex. The works of Palle Granhøj has so far been presented in 49 different countries.


Mikolaj Karczewski born 1984 in Poland. Dancer, actor, performer. Graduated the State Higher Theater School L. Solski in Krakow, the branch of the Dance Theater Department in Bytom. The artist collaborates with many theaters in Poland and abroad, incl. as a choreographer with TR in Warsaw or the National Stary Theater in Krakow. He has played in the productions of many recognized directors, including "Hamlet" (dir. C. Tomaszewski), "Obstetricians of the hospital of St. Sophia " (dir. M. Strzępki), "Stille" (by W. Klimczyk and D. Knapik) and choreographies by Colleen Thomas Young "But the sun came up" or Joe Alter "if / then" at the Lublin Dance Theater. Since 2012, he has been a dancer of the Danish dance theater Granhøj Dans. For the role of Charlatan in the play "Petrushka-Extended" (2016), he was nominated for the Danish Theater Award in the Best Dancer of the Season category. You can see him in the choreography "An Eve and an Adam", which received the prestigious Reumert 2019 award as the best dance theater performance in Denmark. In addition, in 2020, he started cooperation with another famous Danish company, DON GNU, and was awarded a creative scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage "Young Poland".


After the performance, the audience is invited to a discussion with the creators in English.



 Photo: Piotr Jaruga


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